Everyone reaches the point where they need direction, advice and accountability. Receive a free 30-minute coaching session when you purchase your Top 5 Strengths Access Code today.

Are you feeling…

  • Unsure about next steps and how to move forward.
  • Burdened about options to consider for your future.
  • Concerned about the impact of the decisions you face.

You are not alone. These are common stressors that all professionals face. Through the D2D coaching program, I will help you see these uncertainties as an opportunity to grow and change. The goal is for you to become more effective in your current role, and discover new methods to enhance your life and career aspirations.

It all starts with a realistic and actionable plan that meets you where you are, and gets you to where you want to be. The plan will show you how to navigate through today’s competitive global job market, and give you the structure to thrive and succeed regardless of your situation.

Discerning to Decision Coaching & Consulting
Meeting you where you are, getting you to where you want to be.

Get to your Max Potential!

  • ENGAGEMENT in achieving your goals.
  • EFFECTIVENESS in your daily performance.
  • SUCCESS in your career

Learn to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

How do we do it?

Through exploration, teaching, and empowerment. Our programs let you gain certainty during uncertainty times. We meet you where you are, and refine your focus so you can make the best decisions to fuel your personal and professional success.

We get transitioning professionals out of the unknown and back onto solid ground. It’s all about aligning your strengths and values, while getting you where you need to be.

Sheila is a business professional of extraordinary caliber. Her overall demeanor is extremely refreshing and she has been a tremendous coach to me. Her integrity, both professionally and personally, cannot be overstated. Her elegant presence and strong command of language place her in an exemplary class of public speakers.” 

–Merlyn, Director of Business Development

“I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Sheila for four years. She has consistently been a strong mentor and coach, driving me to leverage my strengths and realizing my development opportunities. Her leadership skills allow her to effectively lead diverse teams and develop individuals in a way that is most impactful for them.”
–Tiffany, Director of Leadership

“Sheila played an important role in my career progression. When enrolled into a talent development program Sheila designed, she facilitated the opportunity for me to demonstrate my capabilities to the executive team managing a global procurement transformation program. This is a great testament of her ability to identify, train, develop and coach talent. I welcome the opportunity to work with Sheila again in the future and recommend her without hesitation.”
–Michael, Procurement Director

“Sheila Carmichael was a valued contributor to my team. She clearly represents a true professional in the world of coaching and T&OD. Sheila assisted me in authoring a career development process that has had great success with all who have used it. Since Sheila introduced to me this fabulous process, many of my team have managed their career with their own initiative with a majority of them being promoted one and two levels. Sheila is a collaborative partner who listens to the needs of the client(s) and delivers real time, proactive and results oriented solutions.”
–Clint, Vice President, Global Operational Excellence

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